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Emotionally Intelligent Professional Development

Career Transition Training for Individuals

Hack the hiring process and master the journey to new employment and career advancement with a personalized coaching experience.

Woken Pro Career coaching for individual employees

Do you struggle with...

  • A recent layoff
  • Pass over for promotion
  • Salary not meeting your needs
  • Not working with a great team.
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33% of your day is spent at work

How We Can Help

Our coaches are recruiters and hiring process developers. We train clients to identify and communicate core skills that match role responsibilities and company culture. Our career transition training program leads with empathy because hiring managers have a job to do too...qualify candidates.

We're here to help you prepare and win that new job or promotion with our industry insider knowledge. Our playbook starts like this:

Woken pro career transition training and coaching how we can help

Career Marketing Package

You are the brand of you! Work with your coach to write a new resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. We dig into your personalized experience to uncover unique values and match them to job responsibilities.

Interview Training

The interview is a sales process, gated by performance metrics. We take a scientific approach to identify key role responsibilities and pair them with your experience. We prepare case studies and QA so the conversation flows.

Character and Culture Fit

Our goal is to bring our whole selves to work, and our personal and professional values intermix. We train how to identify and communicate mutual culture fit. The interview is reciprocal, and we coach building rapport and chemistry.

How it works

Every aspect of the Woken Pro Coaching Program experience is personalized and adaptable to meet your goals. Bet on you and get started! 

Schedule a free coaching session with Woken Pro

1. Schedule a FREE session

Chose a free 30-minute virtual session that works with your schedule. Click to book a session today!

QA with your career transition training and development coach at Woken Pro

2. QA with your coach

Work with your coach to define goals, plan priorities, and build confidence to strategize winning.

Connect 24/7 anytime with your career transition training and development coach at Woken Prop

3. Connect Anytime

24/7 email and text with your coach. Schedule recurring virtual sessions to navigate change and career transitions.

The Hiring Process is Calculated and Consistent.

You shouldn't have to get a new job or promotion on your own.

Gain rare insight and navigate your career transition with an industry expert by your side. Invest in guidance and a goal-setting accountability partner to transform your career path. 

Woken pro career development training for women and men in tech
Featured Client Review

"Woken Pro helped me after a layoff. We revamped my resume, LinkedIn, and interview skills. Soon, I started to get recruited. I'd work with them again without thinking twice!"

Austin Skelton

Customer Success

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Your goals are our priorities and we navigate change by your side. Our experts apply empathy and the scientific method to guide you in 1:1 virtual sessions.