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About Us

Woken Pro is focused on integrating professional and personal development to create an authentic "Hiring Package of You". We train clients to bring their whole selves to work and create a new language of relating to others. After 15 years of studying transformational psychology and running hiring systems, Woken Pro's research uncovered repeatable patterns to landing a new job or promotion.

A hint: It's rooted in marketing, empathy, and authenticity!

About Woken Pro Career Goal Setting Program

Our Mission:

Equity. The hiring process is a predictable formula of events and content. Our mission is to flatten the learning curve, create DEI across industries, and empower change.

Our Values:

Empathy is the accelerant for active listening and understanding. We practice and train rapport and chemistry-building skills and help make the coach, client, and company fit obvious by highlighting the best of you!

Our Culture:

Inspired, innovative, and inclusive! All of the best "I's", without the ego. We collaborate to nurture the best in each other. Our eyes are engaged on progress and problem-solving, not drama. #toxicfree

Our Ecosystem:

We are a woman-owned business focused on building strong working-relationships, teams, and company culture. Our clients and team members prioritize vulnerability and emotional safety to foster trust, support, and flexibility.

Our Leadership

Welcome and hello! Glad to see you. I'm Tiffany Sieber, Founder and Principal Coach of Woken Pro. I'm a behavioral curioso, marketing expert, and talent management strategist.

I'm inspired by human transformation, growth modeling, and the ambitious belief that raising an individual's quality of life, improves the well-being of the human collective.

6 Free Coaching Sessions

60,000 US employees have been laid off this month. The hiring process is calculated and consistent, and the current state of the market is contracted and unique. Woken Pro wants to give back to the community and offer 6 free coaching sessions to navigate this change and help you land your next role.

"A rising tide lifts all boats." Applications close February 28.