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Emotionally Intelligent Professional Development

Invest in Your Competitive Advantage

The age-old saying, you can pick two of the three: Time, Cost, or Quality. Thanks to our dynamic pricing model, we're committed to delivering on all three. 

Our focus is on the timeline and support that's best for your successful career transition. We're also here to rise up your quality of life, and that's why we consider your income and offer a sliding-scale pricing policy.

Learn more about our typical coaching engagements below.


Woken Pro Pricing invest in your career competitive advantage
Featured Client Review

"After a layoff, Woken Pro worked with me to identify my ideal company culture fit, rebuild my resume, and guided my offer negotiations. I landed my dream job and an 18% raise!"

Melinda Clover

Head of Marketing

Our career transition training program is fully customized, and designed to move at your pace. To get started, we have a few questions to identify what's right for you now, and the future version of you.

  1. Do you have an urgent career transition need due to a layoff, promotion season, or job dissatisfaction?
  2. Are you focused on a gentler pace for your career transition?
  3. Are you considering onboarding and post-job placement coaching support? 
  4. Are you interested in a major career leap forward and a dedicated secret weapon in your back pocket 24/7?

Our training programs start with three unique commitments designed to match your goals and urgency.

  • Fire starter 🔥 6-weekly sessions
  • Campfire 🔥🔥 6-month bi-weekly sessions
  • Forest fire 🔥🔥🔥 14-month bi-weekly sessions 

During a season of change, we understand that resource management is top of mind. Woken Pro is dedicated to supporting and raising your quality of life because we believe that "rising tides raise all boats". We offer a sliding scale pricing policy based on your employment status and annual income. Let's chat about your growth, goals, and finances. Here are a few payment options for us to work together.

  • 10% discount with payment in full
  • 1/2 payment up front and 1/2 at close
  • 3 payments (every other month)*
  • 4 payments (quarterly)**


*6-month bi-weekly sessions only

** 14-month bi-weekly sessions only

A referral of your friends, family, or colleagues is the biggest compliment. We're focused on creating raving fans and want to thank you for your generous introductions. Woken Pro offers a $500 cash payment for each signed referral.